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Paint Colors

Each DSA Aircraft comes with at least one paint scheme, called a livery. For aircraft with more than one paint scheme installed such as the Citation 560XL, the colors are changeable by utilization of a chat command. For example, the Citation 560XL comes with a standard white paint, and a black paint. You can change this by typing 'color black' or 'color white' in the main chat. The stock paint scheme or paint schemes will closely resemble the original aircraft paint schemes.


THE FOLLOWING IS COMING SOON! (published 9/7/2016)

To see the some of the selection of 3rd party paints available to you visit our DSA Mall. This store is filled with vendors from 3rd party painters and mod makers. It is intended to be a one stop shop for all your DSA related 3rd party needs. Check back often to view new content!

If you are a 3rd party Painter and would like to become a part of our mall as a vendor merchant, have your company list on our custom painter board and/or be listed in our Custom Painter Directory nc contact Serendipity Weatherwax.

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