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Painting Services

Since the new mesh aircraft that are being produced are Mod, you can of course repaint them. If you have the skills, you may download the texture files from the aircraft page here on this site. If you don't have the skills, of maybe don't have the time we can refer you to a skilled painter to get your custom painting done.


We are currently compiling a directory of custom painters. For the most current copy of our directory or to have your name added to it please contact Serendipity Weatherwax inworld.

These paint kits were specifically designed for the 04 series aircraft from DSA Aeronautics. Martin's new aircraft are mesh and modifiable. This means you can color them as you wish. Martin has built into the new aircraft, a note card coloring system, which makes it easy to recolor your plane.


In the contents of the plane, is a note card named "Paint Notecard XXX" where the XXX is the color or name of the paint scheme. The new planes come with at least one color, and sometimes two or more.


To use this kit, go into edit on your plane after rezzing it. In the edit window, go to the content tab and drag your color note card from the kit in. then close the edit window.

Now after you sit in the pilot's seat, type in chat "color XXX" where the XXX is the last part of the note card name. So if the note card were named "Paint Notecard l5pw" you would type "color l5pw" without the quote marks and be sure to leave a space between the word color and the second word.

Your plane will re texture itself within a few seconds with the new paint. I hope you enjoy these aircraft and my designs, and if you have any questions at all, message me anytime.

Josh Noonan
Authorized DSA Paint Kit manufacturer and seller.

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